Mahmoud Youssef Adada Gallery
Mr. Mahmoud Youseef Adada established his business as sole proprietorship in Makkah region, Saudi Arabia.


The early stage developments were
“Metal cabinets”,“Fitout Kitchens”,and “Metal office furniture”.


Transformation from workshop to industrial manufacturing operation, size 1500 SQM with latest equipment invented in the 70’s for Metal cabinets, wooden furniture, joinery and painting processing.
Total skilled workmanship: 65.


Our first operative showrooms in
•Makkah Region
•Taif Region


Introducing the new generation tailored kitchen line.


Published Company’s first product catalogue.


Mahmoud Youssef Adada & Sons Business Expansion:
Factory relocated to El Omra Industrial Estate with new setup & machineries.

Factory Size: 8000 SQM


Business Growth: Joint Venture with IKK Group (Issam K. Kabbani) group of companies.

Introduction of IKK Group: The IKK Group has been standing for more than four decades in Saudi Arabia. First established by Sheikh Issam Kabbani in the late 1960s, the IKK Group has been recognized as one of the top 50 companies in Saudi Arabia as well as one of the leading groups that focus on serving the construction industry.


Factory Expansion: 6500 SQM.

Total Area of Factory: 12,000 sqm with new machineries.


The 1997 new catalogue was printed


Our successful milestone as pioneers and leaders in built-in kitchen concepts throughout Saudi Arabia.


BABEL, a new classical rustic kitchen design was introduced.


New Showroom Inauguration  
Location: Tahlia Street, Riyadh

Total Size: 1092 SQM


CORDOBA was launched, giving the classical kitchen a modern twist.


New company branding and catalogue


New Showroom Inauguration
Location: Rawdah Street, Jeddah

Total Size: 1240 SQM


Our DAMAS kitchen was on display with its clean lined design, reflecting the modern lifestyle.


Launching of EDEN, a new trend in the kitchen industry with new concepts and unique kitchen designs introduced in different finishes and materials.


Collaboration with Tricom Est and introduced another brand ‘Kimo” in region of Riyadh. This brand serves medium and commercial segments.


New Showroom Inauguration
Location: King Faisal Road, Khobar

Total Size: 630 SQM


Launching the new kitchen model “ROYAL JERICHO”, a kitchen that reflects luxury with classical design made of high-quality solid beech wood.


CARTAGE, the elegant and charming country style kitchen was launched.


Another greatest achievement introducing our new brand “My Closet” under the umbralla of A&K, it will provide household storage solution to our customers.
Its first model, DIVISIO is a user-friendly closet that is tailor-made designed according to your storage requirements and home space.


MURO was introduced, the perfect storage system that’s perfectly fit for your space and style, whether it’s a master bedroom or closet organizer.


GLAMOUR, the new luxury Collection is a combination of comfort, ease, and splendor. It was specialy designed for implementing unusual and extravagant ideas and creating modern, urban, and sharp looking; it’s one thing to have an organized closet and it’s another to have one that is spectacularly beautiful.


Adada&Kabbani Co. is continuously studying the market to stay aware of the ever-changing and ever-growing demands from high-end and commercial market segments across Saudi Arabia; as such, the company is constantly going the extra mile to meet the market’s ever changing needs.


Jeddah Showroom
Prince Saud Al Faisal Street
Al Rawdah District
Jeddah 23432, Saudi Arabia
Fax: +966 1 2 663 7486
Riyadh Showroom
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz (Tahlia) Street, Al Olaya District
Between King Fahd & Takssousi
Riyadh 12313, Saudi Arabia
Al Khobar Showroom
King Faisal Street, Al Yarmouk District
Al Khobar 34423, Saudi Arabia
Makkah Showroom
Al Hojoon Street, Al Zahir District
Makkah 24222, Saudi Arabia
Fax: +966 1 2 542 9260
22, Al Buhayrat, Industrial City
Al Omra District
Block - 15. P.O. Box: 520
Makkah 21955, Saudi Arabia
Fax: +966 1 2 520 3056

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